Sunday, October 28, 2012

I spent 3 hours walking  the Hershey Fall Meet. There  was 1,000's of stands of everything you can imagine having to do with cars , toys, signs,  junk, etc. here is a link to pics.
Here I am at The Hershey Car Museum north of Hershey on Rt 39. There is a reasonable charge to see these wonderful cars. I went there with my son, Brian. He wanted see a car that he painted the stripes and pin stripes on this car, it was inside in the main lobby for all to see... Wow it sure looks original down to the paint job. See Link...
Where have I been you ask? Well October was a busy month. One day I went to Hershey to see the Fall Car Meet, The Car Museum & also a Car Auction at the Hershey Convention Center. These visits  took 2 days to see alot. Here is the link to the Car Auction