Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where am I??? Guess!!
Yes..at South of the Border.

March 13, sunday, we leave Myrtle Beach and head north on rt 501 to rt 95 north. At the North Carolina Border we stopped right before it..hence south of the border. This place is a great place to strech the legs and take pics. Lots of statues of Mexicans"Pedro" and animals all around the complex. I took a ride on the elevator to the top of the Mexican Hat along Rt 95, you could see the highway for miles. Also the complex below, all this for a dollar ride. I had Carol stand across the street and take pics of the Airstream going thru the Mexican's legs for an awesome shot!

Then off to the north, I drove 380 miles today to Richmond,Va. We stopped for supper then parked at Cracker Barrel for the night In bed by 9pm...long day. At 5 am we left for the north taking Rt 95 then Rt 17 then Rt 15 to Camp Hill,Pa. we took the turnpike home arriving at noon, only 280 miles today. What an exciting 6 weeks on the road, we saw Diesel fuel from $3.29 to $4.09/gallon. We saw alot these past weeks, I hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for coming along!! Total 4,222 miles of pure Fun!!

God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

YES!!! I am an "ANGEL" ...this proves it!! I got this pin for helping at Give Kids the World!! I just wanted to tell all my friends that always thought I was a Devil...see I told you I was an "Angel"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Morning America!!! SunRise from Myrtle Beach ,SC.

March 12,Sat, I set my alarm for 5;45 am this morning.. to get up to see the sunrise over the ocean....wow..wow.. the red sky was impressive!! I walked the beach looking for that right spot. I was the only one for awhile,then a man with 2 dogs came for the morning run. I talked to him later and found out he was from Maine and drove down to Florida to purchase a new airstream. He was on his way back to Maine. The sunrise was about 6:35am and brought brightness to the beach. Now it's time to go back to bed for a nap!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Here is the Bridge at Charlestown, SC. I heard it cost 164 million to build...
It was a beautiful bridge to see from all over town.
On Rt. 95 a brush fire burned out of control all week. We heard about it on tv and saw clips of it. Here we drove by fire trucks still get the hot spots. Over 14,000 acres burned..you could smell it for miles and see also the bulldozer tracks thru the brush trying to stop it. They even closed Rt. 95 some days due to heavy smoke.

March 10,thurs, we are on the road again...headed for Myrtle Beach.. we are at Myrtle Beach State Park till sunday..then northbound to Penna..home by monday?? Diesel prices started at $3.29 6 weeks ago, now we see $4.09.. here in SC it is $3.65, I will fill up today!! More Later!! God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol
My nephew Roger and his Family!! Roger, Sharon, Dayran & Dakota!!

While in St.Augustine, my sister told me Roger lives by..So we went to visit them, but he was at work and the kids in school. But that night They drove up to visit us at McDonalds to see his family. We spend about an hour playing at air hockey and talking...the kids beat me at hockey!! Cute kids but warriors on the Hockey table. It was great to see them..we haven't seen them for 4 years..so a Florida reunion was Great!
Here are the Pirates for tonight's Vovage on the river...cancelled!!
Here is Flagler College in downtown St. Augustine...
We arrived in St.Augustine on monday, staying at Favers Dykes State Park. A Real nice State Park, we are here for 3 nights to take in the sights. All week we toured St. Augustine area, seeing the Fort along the river..Visiting downtown stores and resturants. There is so much to see here, you need a couple more days to see it all. (I send the e-mail list pictures). We were to go on a pirate ship for a river cruise on wed night but the water was choppy and winds were 33 mph , safety first..so they canceled the cruise. But I did get to see the crew.We would have loved to been on that ship.

Here is Rick & Mim Snyder fom Manheim transplanted to Florida!!

Sat March 5, we left Kissimmee for Land Yacht Harbor again for the weekend. While we were there we visited Rick & Mim at their new place in Palm Bay, Fl. They used to live in Manheim but now have moved to warmer climate. They live in a mobile home village, first they had a single wide now they live in a Big Double wide!! Great looking too! Rick gave us a golf cart tour of the village, pool, clubhouse,river,picnic area, I can see why they moved here. Mim made a lunch for us and we gabbed for awhile.
Then we went back to land Yacht. Rick & Mim came over for supper that night, I bought Lil' Ceasar Pizzas (2) for us..Rick delivered them ,I paid for them!! Yes Joe & Tom I bought. Rick brought the beer!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Katie's Kitchen.........
Why did mom cross the road?? To deliver chicken!!!

Bussin' tables at breakfast.......

Mom helping with the drinks......
March 4, Friday, we just finished a week of volunteering at Give Kids the World. As you read earlier, we delivered pizza on Wed(March 2), we kept busy all night, yes the batteries held up this time.
On Thursday,the 3rd, we worked at "Katie's Kitchen" which is a "Boston Market" run take-out orders. The villas call us and place an order, we make it and deliver to them. Over noon till 4 pm they get sandwiches then after 4pm they can order Chicken or Meatloaf or Maccaroni & Cheese with side orders,drinks and pie Too !!! The pie look awesome, but the dinners smelled GREAT!! Made us hungry each time we went out with an order. There are 142 villas here, so people had many choices for eating.
After the dinner deliveries, we waited for the parade thru the main walkway to begin. everything was decorated Christmas style. Santa shows up with a ton of toys(each child in the family gets to pick what they want after seeing Santa). Then the parade has cartoon charactors and golf cart floats. The Christmas Carols play all night. The kids get to meet all of them, time for pictures again. Cotton Candy, make your own cookies are here too. Later some go to the Ice Cream Stand for a nightcap snack of your favorite sundae?? or just a cone.
The Gingerbread House also serves Breakfast and Supper( You come here to a sit down meal). All places have a small paid staff and rely on the volunteers to fill in the jobs, which we learn quickly...This is so easy and fun, Mom and I liked the fast pace stations we worked. It made our 3 hour block go so fast.
Friday, March 4, here are are up at 6am and head for the GingerBread House to help with breakfast. We meet a whole new crew of retired volunteers from all over the USA. Some work one day a week for the winter(snowbirds, they go home in spring). Mom and I helped all the Wish families carry their trays to their tables. Some wanted us to come home and wait on them there too! This was a full breakfast, eggs, bacon, homefries, waffles, pancakes, fresh cut fruit, sausage, and drinks too. One child wanted a Hot Dog!! (Yes we made it and delivered it to the table). When they were done eating, we cleaned their tables off and bussed the dishes to clean up. After 10 am , we wiped all tables, vaccumed and sanatized all tables and chairs. I overheard some of the staff say there was 714 residents today...wow..These kids are Special and are in for a great week here. Mom and I went to check out and say our good-byes to volunteeer services, she gave us some tokens to say Thank-You for helping this week..They want us to come back next winter!! You Bet!!!
God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Carol

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Obie" the Photographer!!
Kids' Stars on the wall & ceiling

These are the Villas that Wish Kids and their Families live in for a week...

The Entrance Sign to "Give Kids the World"

Here it is March, 2011 already!! What a month of February..AirstreamRally, Florida Flywheelers, The Last Discovery Launch & meeting many new Airstream Friends.
This week has been gratifying in helping Wish Kids from all over the World at "Give Kids the World" This is where Wish Families come to relax and see the Florida Attractions. We arrived last Sat, Feb 26 at Ponderosa Rv Park in Kissimmee, Fl. We paid for the week, so we could volunteer for a week at GKTW....Sat afternoon we manned the Castle from 3-5pm, this was where kids get to sign a star and it later gets mounted on the ceiling(over 50,000 stars are there already)by the Star Fairy, also they visit the Pillow Tree to interact with an owl and make a Wish then recieve a pillow from the tree trunk for them to keep.
After our time, we walked around to see the rest of the place. We also signed up for Sunday's detail which is Delivering Pizza by golf cart to the Villas where Wish Families live for the week. On Sunday , we arrived at 6pm to start pizza deliveries, we met 2 other college kids who also volunteered. The rush started , Both teams were kept busy till 10 pm. We were running around so much that both golf cart's went dead(batteries dead!). I went to the office for a fresh cart so we could finish the deliveries. It was so much "Fun" being a Pizza Boy & Woman for a night..cool job.. we are doing it again Wed. night 6-10pm.
On Monday,Feb 28, We reported at 7 am to help with the "Quick Beakfast bar", cereal, bagels, sausage & egg biscuit. We were in the ice cream palace for this job. Would you believe people came in for ice cream breakfast, I saw milk shakes and banana splits being served!!
We were done at 10am, then I went to the office to sign up for photographers job. A short training was necessary, I went out and took 50 pictures as a trial and then showed them my work. !!! They hired me for tonight!!! Tonight from 6-9 pm my job was to take pictures of Wish Kids roaming the village. Carol was my assistant, she kept record of the childs' villa number and the shot numbers for editing later. I captured kids/families everywhere, eating in Candyland Kitchen, the pool area, kids at their villas, the merry go round(note: there was a child in a wheelchair that had limited motion, But she had the biggest smile I ever saw when she rode the Turtle, wheelchair accessible, click,click,click she was adorable!!) At Pet petting, A Double Dare Show in the Safari Showcase Theatre. I took over 175 pics of many,many kids, Carol had fun keeping track of each shot. What a day.."Enjoyable" at Best!! We are tired walking all around, so we are taking a day off on Tuesday for local sightseeing then back to GKTW on Wednesday to deliver pizza.
Note: We met so many college kids taking their Spring Break here to help & Volunteer their time to make Wish Kids have the most unforgetable time in Florida!! Thanks Kids!! You are tomorow's Future!! PS..I sent pictures out to those on my Blog e-mail list..look for them.
ZZZZZZZZ God Bless...... AirstreamHobo & Carol