Friday, March 4, 2011

Katie's Kitchen.........
Why did mom cross the road?? To deliver chicken!!!

Bussin' tables at breakfast.......

Mom helping with the drinks......
March 4, Friday, we just finished a week of volunteering at Give Kids the World. As you read earlier, we delivered pizza on Wed(March 2), we kept busy all night, yes the batteries held up this time.
On Thursday,the 3rd, we worked at "Katie's Kitchen" which is a "Boston Market" run take-out orders. The villas call us and place an order, we make it and deliver to them. Over noon till 4 pm they get sandwiches then after 4pm they can order Chicken or Meatloaf or Maccaroni & Cheese with side orders,drinks and pie Too !!! The pie look awesome, but the dinners smelled GREAT!! Made us hungry each time we went out with an order. There are 142 villas here, so people had many choices for eating.
After the dinner deliveries, we waited for the parade thru the main walkway to begin. everything was decorated Christmas style. Santa shows up with a ton of toys(each child in the family gets to pick what they want after seeing Santa). Then the parade has cartoon charactors and golf cart floats. The Christmas Carols play all night. The kids get to meet all of them, time for pictures again. Cotton Candy, make your own cookies are here too. Later some go to the Ice Cream Stand for a nightcap snack of your favorite sundae?? or just a cone.
The Gingerbread House also serves Breakfast and Supper( You come here to a sit down meal). All places have a small paid staff and rely on the volunteers to fill in the jobs, which we learn quickly...This is so easy and fun, Mom and I liked the fast pace stations we worked. It made our 3 hour block go so fast.
Friday, March 4, here are are up at 6am and head for the GingerBread House to help with breakfast. We meet a whole new crew of retired volunteers from all over the USA. Some work one day a week for the winter(snowbirds, they go home in spring). Mom and I helped all the Wish families carry their trays to their tables. Some wanted us to come home and wait on them there too! This was a full breakfast, eggs, bacon, homefries, waffles, pancakes, fresh cut fruit, sausage, and drinks too. One child wanted a Hot Dog!! (Yes we made it and delivered it to the table). When they were done eating, we cleaned their tables off and bussed the dishes to clean up. After 10 am , we wiped all tables, vaccumed and sanatized all tables and chairs. I overheard some of the staff say there was 714 residents kids are Special and are in for a great week here. Mom and I went to check out and say our good-byes to volunteeer services, she gave us some tokens to say Thank-You for helping this week..They want us to come back next winter!! You Bet!!!
God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Carol

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