Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Obie" the Photographer!!
Kids' Stars on the wall & ceiling

These are the Villas that Wish Kids and their Families live in for a week...

The Entrance Sign to "Give Kids the World"

Here it is March, 2011 already!! What a month of February..AirstreamRally, Florida Flywheelers, The Last Discovery Launch & meeting many new Airstream Friends.
This week has been gratifying in helping Wish Kids from all over the World at "Give Kids the World" This is where Wish Families come to relax and see the Florida Attractions. We arrived last Sat, Feb 26 at Ponderosa Rv Park in Kissimmee, Fl. We paid for the week, so we could volunteer for a week at GKTW....Sat afternoon we manned the Castle from 3-5pm, this was where kids get to sign a star and it later gets mounted on the ceiling(over 50,000 stars are there already)by the Star Fairy, also they visit the Pillow Tree to interact with an owl and make a Wish then recieve a pillow from the tree trunk for them to keep.
After our time, we walked around to see the rest of the place. We also signed up for Sunday's detail which is Delivering Pizza by golf cart to the Villas where Wish Families live for the week. On Sunday , we arrived at 6pm to start pizza deliveries, we met 2 other college kids who also volunteered. The rush started , Both teams were kept busy till 10 pm. We were running around so much that both golf cart's went dead(batteries dead!). I went to the office for a fresh cart so we could finish the deliveries. It was so much "Fun" being a Pizza Boy & Woman for a night..cool job.. we are doing it again Wed. night 6-10pm.
On Monday,Feb 28, We reported at 7 am to help with the "Quick Beakfast bar", cereal, bagels, sausage & egg biscuit. We were in the ice cream palace for this job. Would you believe people came in for ice cream breakfast, I saw milk shakes and banana splits being served!!
We were done at 10am, then I went to the office to sign up for photographers job. A short training was necessary, I went out and took 50 pictures as a trial and then showed them my work. !!! They hired me for tonight!!! Tonight from 6-9 pm my job was to take pictures of Wish Kids roaming the village. Carol was my assistant, she kept record of the childs' villa number and the shot numbers for editing later. I captured kids/families everywhere, eating in Candyland Kitchen, the pool area, kids at their villas, the merry go round(note: there was a child in a wheelchair that had limited motion, But she had the biggest smile I ever saw when she rode the Turtle, wheelchair accessible, click,click,click she was adorable!!) At Pet petting, A Double Dare Show in the Safari Showcase Theatre. I took over 175 pics of many,many kids, Carol had fun keeping track of each shot. What a day.."Enjoyable" at Best!! We are tired walking all around, so we are taking a day off on Tuesday for local sightseeing then back to GKTW on Wednesday to deliver pizza.
Note: We met so many college kids taking their Spring Break here to help & Volunteer their time to make Wish Kids have the most unforgetable time in Florida!! Thanks Kids!! You are tomorow's Future!! PS..I sent pictures out to those on my Blog e-mail list..look for them.
ZZZZZZZZ God Bless...... AirstreamHobo & Carol

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