Friday, March 13, 2009

AirstreamHobo Travels...Bart Mud Sale...March 6,2009

Ok, Heres a trip today without the Airstream, So come along and see what I saw today. Leaving home this AM I traveled to Bart Fire Co. Annual Mud Sale. 2 miles before town I hit a traffic jam, bumper to bumper Amish Buggies and cars too, We all headed for the Event of the year, a fire co. fundraiser. Fields filled with Auction Items and buildings loaded with food stands and auction items(Quilts, furniture, yard goods, farm items, & Junk?). There was at least 20-30 auctioneers talking with great speed to sell everything.
Of course I brought my camera,,047 shots later and I leave. But let me fill you in on the action. If you come here and starve , it's your stands everywhere, soft pretzels, milk shakes, pork sandwiches, french fries, and all the regular fast food menu.
As always I am looking at " odd things to capture on camera. The scenery is awesome, if you just look at the beauty of the area. All junk has it's beauty and people have their own personality. I just watched the hussel of all the people moving all around the crowd. Some are bidding, looking, chatting, and watching the kid's team games..Ball sock, volleyball, baseball. It was fun watching kids eat. That was some of my favorite shots. Also seeing boys with wagons hauling items for you back to your car for tips.
I spent about 5 hours here today,eating, clicking, watching, did I say I ate?? Enclose you will find some of the highlights of the 2 weeks Bart has another Mud Sale....

Note: Only 3 weeks till Cherry Blossom Rally in Wash DC...till then ..."Obie"
PS...if you want to see all 1,000 pictures ...send $19.95 to me for a Disc of Pics

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