Thursday, June 14, 2012

It is still Saturday, June 9, After a 15 minute break from this morning,we boarded the bus again for a trip to Artist Circle. There is a big parade today at noon.This parade is like NO OTHER!! It is all Art Work!!These people,adults and kids made all the costumes and stilts to walk on and made the floats too. It is hard to describe, everyone at camp said.. "You Gotta See It!" As pictured above each division is lead by a Rainbow of Balloons. The program books listed each color and the names of each one in that division.A local lady in front of me gave me the details of each entry..Thanks for the Program Too!

  What Really Impressed me was the first entries were people in Electric Wheelchairs with the artwork around them and mounted on their chairs. Also there was also a Flag Wheel Drill Team that went thru the motions. There were many small bongo and drums in each division too. Also many people were on  Stilts too in exotic dress. You have to see the pictures, I can't describe what I just saw for 2 hours of the most colorful and artsy parade ever! There were at least 8 divisions with 10 entries in each.

Then after the parade they had food vendors and also crafts for the Family.The US Marines performed with their Band too. This event attracts 70,000 people  each year..2nd Saturday in June each year.
Now see the pictures!! I did take over 800 shots but here are just afraction....

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