Thursday, June 14, 2012

   Also on Thursday, June 7th, We saw airstreamers getting off a small airplane. We ask them whats up? They told us the plane service will take 3 people up for a 1/2 hour plane ride over Cleveland for only $99.00. Wow.. Don McKelvay suggested that the 3 of us go up. We signed up for a 1PM flight. So at 1pm we left the runway for 3 circles of the Cleveland sky. We saw alot that we saw this morning from the trolley, it's just from the air now. The stadiums were small from the air. Also the Lake seemed to stretch over the horizon. Mom and I sat in the back seat? We couldn't even find the seat belts without digging under our Butts!!! We laughed so hard but we found them, it sure was a tight squeeze for us!! Enjoy the pictures

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