Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 Here we are in front of the Airstream Plant for one last photo...... on Sunday...
 I had to stop and inspect the Vintage Airstreams in front of the office.... cool rigs...
 Here is the Bicycle Museum in New Bremen, Ohio
This is just one room of many.. 300 bikes on display and 400 plus in a warehouse for future exchange.

We left after seeing the parade on sunday and went back to our courtesy parking for 2 more days. We did laundry on monday a. In the afternoon we went to the Bicycle Museum in New Bremen to see a large collection of bikes.  see photo album

We then left Tuesday and went 75 miles to Helena, home of P&S Trailer repairs and polishing shop. We stayed there 2 times before and stopped in for another night. We had water and electric hook up. We stayed till the next am.. Wednesday.. then left at 9 am for Cleveland Rally 100 miles away. We arrived at noon....

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