Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is the Thomas Edison Winter Retreat. He lived here for 6 months a year. Henry Ford had the house next door but only spent 2 weeks a year here. The grounds were something to see. We were here for 6 hours just taking it all in. One rule that surprised me was they encourage you to walk on the grass right up to all the flowers and bushes. There were so many different kinds to see. We toured all the houses from the outside door. They were closed with plastic guard half way up the door way.But you could easily see each room from the wrap around porch. They had 20 points of stopping along the grounds so you could listen to a hand held stick that looked like a long telephone. Each message was about 2 minutes.

After seeing the grounds, we turned in the telephone stick and walked across the street to the Museum and Edison's Lab. The building was full of facts all about his inventions and also the real thing here to see. There were different rooms with flat screen TVs with clips about his life.

I really liked the Camping Room, An old Model T with a box on the back for a chuck wagon supplies. He and Ford, Firestone & John Burroughs went every year for 2 weeks. They also took a President one time. He had brought 80 servants with him too. But Edison soon stopped after that because it wasn't camping anymore with that big staff. The stories and maps were fun to read.

Other rooms had his Inventions and Patents on display. He had 1,093 to his name. He also had a patent each year for 65 years. I got the feeling of a remarkable man when reading his biography.

Next we went to his Lab and saw all kinds of experiments being done. many test tubes lined the walls and desks tops. He also worked with over 10,000 plant species for inventions. All this was shown on several flat screens.
The cost was $20.00 admission which I thought was worth it. Thank You Mr. Edison for your contributions to mankind. Here are some pictures too.
Of the house and grounds
Here is the lab & Museum Pictures too..

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