Wednesday, May 30, 2012

 Hot...Hot... Dutch Oven Cooking Class.
 The finished Ovens!!!!
Here is the 2012 Class of Dutch Oven Cooking!!!!(I am on the left)

    Wednesday, May 30th, We have a Dutch Oven Cooking Class.  Our teacher was Matt Hackney, and he did a great job instructing us on how to cook with a Dutch Oven. We all brought our own ovens to class with ingredients too. I brought Apple Filling with the cake mix. We fired up the charcoal and placed them under & over the oven & waited about an hour till done....Yum..Yum.. We all sampled each of the pots when done. So... Obie(thats me!) cooked for the first time in 44 years and did  not burn it!!Of course we had to sample all 12 ovens for afternoon dessert.  All the ovens were empty at the end of class...Yummy!!

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