Monday, June 15, 2009

Check it out...pump out time!! Also read the sign in the window...Hee Hee......Blog next

June 15,Monday, Well last night we got our schedule for parking committee, I am on today and saturday this week. However I planned a tour today so I worked 1 hour then left, I will fill in tomorrow for someone.

We went to see John Wick Home Builders. They were 30 miles from here, we arrived at 10 am for a tour. This place makes homes in shop with a full makeup of the home to be delivered on site and put together in 60 days by builders. They build 3 1/2 homes a week. The tour was enjoyable and informative....remember we are in COLD country this a plus for builders to have a home up and under roof in 3 weeks on site.

We left for lunch with a recommendation to stop at Rookies. You should see this place ...all kinds of sports pictures and cards everywhere in the resturant & bar. They even have a Base Ball Field in the rear lot for families to play ball...reunions, picnics, birthdays, company parties, a really fun place to unwind. The food was great....Check out the Rookies Photo Album.

Then we went to the Shoe Box , Wisconsins largest shoe store.. same guy owns both places, yes they had base ball stuff everwhere too, He owns the Mallards Base Ball Team in the area. I gave him "Itch" the owner my Base Ball card of "Obie" for his collection. He said he will frame it and hang it too!!! Wow I am in Wisconsin too!! So look for my card when you stop in.

Then we headed back to the camp...but I saw Fire Trucks sitting outside the Middleton Fire Co. I stopped to snap a few pics, I met the Chief Aaron Harris, he pointed out the layout and told me to walk thru on my own...Wow...Antique trucks, fire training stairs tower, weight lifting room, rec room, bed rooms, even a Brass Pole.. They run 500 calls a year...70 square miles with 2 stations (another one 4 miles away). They have paid fire chief and a staff of 5, the rest are Volunteers of 105 active men Check out the Middleton Fire Picture album...Oh!!! The New station costs... $6,000,000.00 ....Yes thats' 6 Million Dollars!! Check out the pictures

Now we returned to camp...Happy Hour then supper ...more Airstreams arrived today..
God Bless............... AirstreamHobo & Carol

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