Friday, June 12, 2009

What a beautiful sky over Indiana.....Blog Next....

June 11, Thursday.... Rain..Rain..Rain It rained all night, we hooked up in the rain and left at 9 am for Madison. The last leg of this Caravan. We drove in rain most of the day, along Rt 80 was alot of construction as well as Rt 39. The radio reported 5 1/2'' of rain today, and we believe it!! Once we entered Wisconsin, we stopped at the Welcome Center, guess what it was closed to information but there was a man putting books & maps out on the outside wall rack. He said budget cuts caused the change. But he was very helpful in getting us more info behind the doors for us...Nice people in Wisconsin.

We called a county campground from here to see if they had spaces, they had 5 left we needed 4 so she ( is the camphost) said hurry.... we arrived 11/2 hour later and they still had them. Nice level sites with electric and water nearby, dump when you leave. $23.00 for the night, honor system, fill out info and put in $$$ envelope and in the Mailbox. We picked the sites and setup...Happy Hour<> first then supper.

After supper I found out where the Fairgrounds were , so I headed over to see what to do tomorrow. There is about 75-100 early workers there already. They are waiting for tomorrow,when the parking area will be marked off (orange dots for each rig to park at). We will leave this park at 9 am to arrive at the grounds to help be parkers for the rigs. I can't wait for the FUN to begin. I did this job 2 years ago at Perry, GA. and had a was over 100* some days there...I hope Wisconsin is cooler..I Hope!!

Today we covered 281 miles,lots of CB talk and helping each other get here, made the week pass very quickly.Thanks for the friendship that we all shared!!!! Well after a shower back at the camp, I am writing this then off to bed..ZZZZZZ..
God Bless........ AirstreamHobo & Carol...

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  1. Glad you had a safe trip to Madison. I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos! Have fun at the International, and live it up for me. Wish I could be there.