Friday, June 26, 2009

Tour of Pierce Fire Trucks Mfg.

June 25,Thursday, XXXX>>> Warning this is about Fire Trucks<<<>
Early this morning Carol and I and Carl & Jackie Light left for what I thought was a 60 mile drive to Appleton,WI. this is where Pierce Fire Mfg. Plant is. Note: It was actually 119 miles away from here...Dummy me!! We arrived at 11 am and ask for a tour of the place. My reasoning was my fire dept bought 4 so far and are planning another purchase in the future. However you need your local saleman to guide you. So they left us into the Blue area, which is where Fire Depts. check out their new trucks before delivery is made to you. There was 12 on display for delivery. While looking I called my son to tell him I was here and what happened. He said he will call the Local salesman and see what can be done for a tour. He called back and said a representative was there and he came down to give us a tour.

We met John and he said he will take us thru the factory production line. First all have to have closed toe shoes..guess what...the ladies did not... so I suggested my extra shoes in the van( no...not my clown shoes!!).The ladies put on my MAN Shoes and did the tour, Carol said it was like walking in clown shoes(Her size 6-8 my size 13...flop..flop...) It was Funny!! We had a 2-3 hour tour of every dept...We saw the making of a lot of fire trucks..Pumpers..Ladder, and even Tiller Trucks(They are Looooooong!!!)We saw the paint room, axles,frame, cabs, pumps, compartments, wiring, lights,finish work being done. Pierce builds over 1200 fire trucks a year....Top Quality!! Remember we have 4 of them in our Fire House. Thank-You Brian (son) and Curt (Local Salesman) and John (salesman on site) for such a grand tour. Jackie said she enjoyed it and didn't realize what goes into building a fire truck.

After a stop for dinner(soup & salad) We headed for Madison...on the way thru Oshkosh...we saw a flea market with odd things all over the front yard. WE stopped to see these things upclose. There was a deer stand with 3 deer on it with guns and also a deer hunter that they bagged hanging from the stand, also a deer hunter strapped to the truck hood....a cow standing with a trench coat on but Flashing her body (utter) at the highway. Next we saw a Giant mallard elephant...a fisherman with a big catch of a fish. We decided to go inside to see what is wierd inside...WOW... lots of figurines of famous people lifesize..Elvis...Bogart..monk...hippies..indians..pirates..cartoon was just a delightful place to visit...They mostly sold kitchen cabinets. While there a man came in with a delivery of a BIG Motorcycle. We went out side and saw more alongside the building, a yard full of old metal coach..and lots of wild animals. This place was different but a delight to see...Photographers' Paradise!!

Now we headed home .. arriving home by 7:30 pm a total of 263 miles today!! What a fun drive.

Rally Notes ***** 150 arrived today which bring the amount to 682 (or more) here so far, Tomorrow I am on parking again. It will be a busy day and Saturday too because the Vintage Parade will come in at 10 am. I think about 70 vintage but didn't hear a final count yet, it will be sight to see as always.

>>>> Personal Note!!!>>>>
Happy Birthday Sister..hope you have a Great Day!!
Happy Retirement to my Buddy (friday) is his last day to WORK!!!
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol.....


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  1. Great shots, Obie! Love the Vintage Parade. Your blog is the next best thing to being there.