Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan 25, 2013,
      The last 2 days were busy. On Wednesday (Jan 23), Time to go back to GKTW , arrived at 5 pm and changed into “Obie” then off to The Ginger Bread House. This is the dinning room for all meals on the grounds. Breakfast and Dinner are served here. It is fun to see the parents sitting down on “small” chairs at their kids level ...everyone sits the same there are no regular chairs here. They go thru a Food Line to choose their favorite selection, the menu changes everyday. There are volunteers to serve the food and carry trays and clean up too.. Mom is impressed we wait on her too!! No Worries Mothers ! “Obie” appears and disrupts their meal for small talk and pictures too. I met a mother that was here 17 years ago and wanted her picture with Obie Too! I saw kid’s food as well as grownup dishes also. You can’t go hungry here. After walking around pestering kids I move outside to Welcome Kids and Families to come on in for Food.
      There is a face painter outside making all the kids feel happy with their own design of choice, she has a book menu of many choices.   Just a Note: she won’t paint Obie’s face , I don’t know why? Then Obie goes off to Amber Land to the game room of all kinds. There are 4 little kids there, this is the night for parents to have a peaceful night alone ..dining or just plain relaxing. We keep the kids busy for 2 hours then the parents come to get them. There were college kids here too to watch and play with the kids.
       Time went fast. At 8:15 we go to the theatre for a show on stage. Guess what ? The kids are the Stars!! They sing and dance, tell jokes, jump rope, even the parents come up on stage. This was called “Village Idol Night” There were 4 judges who made comments after each act. Then time for the winner and it was .....drum roll... All of them !! They each get a trophy and certificate also. Now it’s time for Ice Cream at the palace ..many went there for the final snack of the night. Of course “Obie” pestered them too.. I told them I am buying ice cream for all ( was free anyway..
   More Later.. God Bless Airstream Hobo & Mom 

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