Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22, 2013 Tuesday, Today we had alot to do. .Laundry, visit the Bates, and work (actually volunteer) at GKTW. The weather was great today around 70* here.
     We met some people at the laundry here at the camp and had fun conversation . One man was 80 years young and tried to talk mom into selling everything and hit the road!!! (yes!!) He  retired over 20 years ago and sold all and hit the road. He told about his crisscross of the USA many times. He made jewelry and polished stones and sold alot at Quartzite each year. He had such a relaxed nature about himself and was Happy !! The other couple was from York County, Pa. and come here every winter to escape the Cold. We heard many stories from all the laundry attendees.
     This afternoon we went to see the Bates at their timeshare condo...Nice!! Only John was home so we chatted till it was time for me head for GKTW.
      After a quick supper(Hot Dog & Oreos) I was off to the village. I signed in and was directed to my dressing room to transform into "Obie". Then it happened, I went into the village and met some of the nicest families and Wish Kids. I saw German ..Japanese..and American families. These kids had all the greatest smiles and no language was a barrier. We had a party for Mayor Clayton.. cake..dancing.. games..face painting. and then a Magic Show where the kids were the stars..Funny..Funny !! Even the parents and grandparents had a great Time!
    Now it is 9pm and time to head home to Zzzzzz. See you again tomorrow kids!!
                   God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Mom
Here are some pictures so far


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