Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Jan 28, Monday, Today we are going to The Magic Kingdom. We decide we want to see the 3 pm parade and see a few rides & shows. We did see the new 3- D show in Fantasy Land with Donald Duck the star in a Musical. We had to wear 3- D glasses, they sure add to the visual aspect of the show.
    We also are here with the Marquette’s, They both work here and it is nice to walk the park with someone who know the layout. We walked thru the new section of Fantasy Land seeing The Circus area. I Love the Circus !!
    We head over to Main Street to claim a spot to see the parade( Question? What time does the 3 o’clock parade start?  Mmm? ) The parade begins with all the Disney Characters walking or on a giant float. The background music sure adds to the festive mood of the beat of the parade. Thousands lined the street to see this parade.
      Ok back to the Fantasy land, we grab lunch and watch people. We take a ride thru Winnie the Pooh Land. 20 minute line to see a 3 minute ride ? Oh well that’s how it’s done. I see Swiss Family  Robinson’s Tree House, I got to walk to the top. The rest wait on the ground and watch. I climb the stairs to several rooms to see, bedroom, kitchen, study, all have a great view of the forest of palm trees and bushes. 
       Then off to River Boat Jungle Cruise to see the wild creatures of the water way.... Elephants, Cannibals, Alligators, Hippos, and Boa Snakes. The boat captain commented along the water route with witty jokes. I could do this job?
      After exiting the river, back to Main Street to see the  Disney Light Parade (Question? What time does the 7 o’clock  Parade start ? Mmmm ? ) Here they come, the street lights are turned way down low/almost dark..here comes thousands of lights on floats..only Disney could pull this off with such beauty ! Again the Disney Stars are in all the Floats. Beautiful !!!
    Then we walk about a block to the Cinderella Castle, it is lit up with night spot lights. Then another show begins, this is a Laser picture show on the Castle Walls. The art work is unbelievable and the show is out of this world.
     Then we wait about 10 minutes for the Best Fireworks Ever. Fireworks shower the Castle with many kinds of designs and shooting fireworks. This lasts for over 30 minutes, all the fireworks are displayed with Music Too ! Great Show !!
      The the crowd turns and heads for the gates, the park is closing. We take the boat shuttle across the water to the entrance and to our car. We had a long day but it was worth being a Kid again for 10 hours...this will bring you back to your youth !! Thousands of kids, young and old, enjoyed this weather perfect day for Magic Kingdom.  Thanks to the Marquette's for your company and inside history of the park...... What a Great Day with “Friends” !!! 

       Highlight below copy and paste to see pictures ...
                                       ZZZZZZZZ.... God Bless.... Airstream Hobo & Mom

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