Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 1, 2013   Did you ever feel like a King? I did this week but the kids I met were the real Kings and Queens here. On Thursday nite was Santa Night. I got to meet Santa and have my wishes listened to. He believes I am Nice? Shh don't tell him any different.
     We had a parade for the kids and families then there was snow falling..yes in Florida it does snow. The kids that never experienced snow were wide eyed and giggles when it started. There were games for all to enjoy. They all got to meet Santa and get their pictures with him as a child alone then with the family too. What a keepsake, then off to Santa 's  workshop for each child to choose a present and take home.
     I saw alot in the Ice Cream House also enjoying their daily sundaes/splits too. The joy I received tonite was unbelievable and to be a part of this fun. These kids have so much energy and the Happiness I saw in their families was precious.
    I posted a few more pictures tonite too. Please don't get the wrong impression that I am on a lot of the pictures without the kids but we have to respect the privacy of the Wish Families. I was asked not to take any personal pictures of the kids...I understand... So even though the Village pictures seemed empty, there  is quite a buzz each night with lots of kids and their families.
  Every family I talk to says their Wish is to come back some day and Volunteer also. Believe me I get more out of this than the kids do. Thank you God for allowing me to share my gift of Obie..
    More pictures added to this album

  God Bless... Airstream Hobo & Mom

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