Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week of February 17, We had a relaxing week. On Monday we said good-bye to a few Airstream Friends and left the field around noon. Most of the area was empty except for a few that are staying to clean up.
     We head up Rt 75 to Rt 44  about 150 miles and arrive Three Flags Resort, a Thousand Trails Resort. I sign up for 4 nights, cost is $0.00 with our membership. We get a spacious site under some shade  and set up. We then had some housekeeping to do.
     First off to CVS for allergy pills for me, my head is so full of cold it is hard to breathe. We also do laundry and clean up the Van and Airstream. The park has a lot of things going on each day. I even played Bingo one night(I Lost??). on Thursday nite they had a Blue Grass Band Jam in the Rec Hall, the place was full.
    One day we drove to the Villages to Lake Sumter Landing. After driving around looking for a van parking space we found one. This place is taken over by Golf Carts. They are street legal in the villages. Everyone has one. They all different designs too. See the pictures. The residents drive to shopping, work, church, health services too. This area is so big there are different little villages set up with town squares for nightly entertainment which is free.We walked around enjoying the sights.
      This is a Disneyland for seniors over 55. There is over 90,000 residents living here. It looks like these people are having a Great Time living here..Golf everyday..and lots of Clubs for all to join, they even have a newspaper telling you the meeting times and where. You can’t get bored here!
      Then we drove over to a new town being built..Brownwood.. the store fronts are up and waiting for tenants ..the Golf Cart store is the first to open. They also have a town square and the music entertainment just finished so we didn’t get see it but there were hundreds leaving when we passed by.
   Here it is Friday already time to move up to the Pan Handle of Florida. Up Rt 75 to Rt 10 then south on Rt 69 to Mexico  Beach to a Passport America Camp.. Rustic Sands,, just minutes from the Gulf Coast shores. I set up in the pouring rain and when I am done it stopped. Well I had 2 showers today, one inside the airstream and one outside(g). We are in a circle with 2 other Airstreams, I met my neighbor and he is from Tenn. We chatted then continued setting up.
                                Till next Time ! !.....  God Bless Airstream Hobo & Mom 
Pictures downloaded..

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