Friday, January 25, 2013

  Thursday (Jan 24) My day to relax.. We were having our Airstream Club.. Central Penn Unit.. get together at Land Yacht Harbor in Melbourne for lunch. We all got a ride with Bates to there. The ladies rolled out the goodies at the dining hall. We had cold cuts of meat, potato salad, chips, pretzels, cake and of course Sue brought Hershey Candy !! That was my 1st thing in my mouth, I am a sucker for Reese Cups...maybe I will take two !
       After lunch we took our group picture and a tour of the new wood workshop on the grounds. Bill Bucher donated much of the tools that he brought from home.This place is a Man’s Cave ! Bill and several men from the park remodeled the shed into one fine work shop. They thought of every possible way to use the power tools with ease. I can see the men spending their time here to repair or fix thins, they may also borrow tools to use at their Airstream. Great Job Bill and Helpers!!!!
  Then we went to Joan’s Paint Shed.. She is painting Satellite Dishes every day. There so many done and also a lot to start, residents keep bring her blank one to paint. Her shop is so cozy and within an arms reach to everything. If you want a dish painted I know a Great Painter..Joan... She even made me a yard flag for “Airstream Hobo” it was so cool.. I will display it where ever I go !
After a short drive to Air Force Commissary and PX we headed home arriving at 6 pm. More Later... God Bless Airstream Hobo & Mom 

Here are some pictures for you

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