Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello..anyone in there?? A Casket for sale in an antique market
Here is a warehouse of Blue Grass Music for sale. They sell most by internet service. Thousands of titles and players.

They even have a Poster from "Manheim, Pa." in the music store..awesome to see

Today we are on the Crooked Road "Musical Trail" We stop at Floyd's Store, known for friday nite Blue Grass Jams. What an awesome show for only $5.00 Starting at 6:30 pm with one hour of gospel music, at 7:30 the Blue Grass Begins. I never saw such a rush for the dance floor to clog!!! Carol was so Thrilled??? We sat for 3 hours just enjoying the music and dancing. Many had cleats on their shoes and danced the night away..Young and Old. Every hour a new band took the stage...Twang..twang..Great American Music in the making..Live!! Saturday has the locals coming to jam all over town. Then sat nite a sit down concert will play <$12.00 a ticket>.Then Sunday from 2-5 the streets will be crowded with pickers!!! I guess I will go alone sat & sun.... She doesn't know what's she is Missing

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