Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joanne Olshefski knitted 50 hats for the "Warm Hats" for the needy. You can see there were 2191 hats and 236 blankets made and donated to the needy...Thanks to all Members that made this possible!!!

July 2,Thursday, I went to 2 classes today on Membership and Unit Presidents forum. It was an interesting class given by good instructors with ideas and question period, I learned alot. Then back to the rig for lunch and a short break.

At 1pm the hobby show was on display, there were lots of hobbys on show. Blankets,carvings,model airstream maker,knitting,painting, models, quilts etc. Audrey Landvater of our unit won 2nd place for her Doilies that she made. Now thats' nerve wrecking to sew(?)crochet(?) them...Congratulations Audrey!!!

At 2pm I attended a Full Timers Seminar given by Jim & Debbie Cooke. They have been on the road 3 years so far and gave all some insight as what they have learned. People wanted to know how to handle, bills,mail,insurance, taxes, license for rigs and themselves, and just other thing that come up. These people do not have a home and live strickly in their Airstreams full-time. Some do mission work, church camps, live in the warm all year...north and south. You can also be a host in a national/state park to save up expenses while living on the road. It was an informative 2 hour lecture. Many questions were fielded by numerous airstreamers. The biggest fault most people make is thinking they are on vacation and rush all over the USA to see everything. One lady "Hunter" said she travels less than 100 miles a day limit when going somewhere, once she moved 7 miles.

At 5pm we needed to make a Wal-Mart run for goodies..then off to a Chinese Buffet...then back to the Coliseum for "Talent on Parade" Members of WBCCI put on their stuff...lots of great talent, musical players,singers,dancers,storytellers, just a fun night of Talent...Thank-You contestants!!! You were GREAT!!!

Just a Personal Note: Each year the kids of members collect "cents for the needy" This year a young man from the Madison Area had luekemia and was in remission, but his dental needs were damaged by the treatments. The family didn't have the money for repairs $6,000.00. The kids raised closed to $9,000.00 for the family....Ain't that GREAT??? Thank you kids for doing your community service this year!!! A Standing Ovation was Made and the Family was well shaken by the generosity of this years' Rally' People...GooseBumps from all... There are over 900 rigs now!!! Look at fun pictures

God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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  1. Hi Obie
    Am enjoying the adventure. Nice to keep track of my Airstream heroes, Hunter and Rob.
    Much appreciated.