Friday, July 24, 2009

July 23, Thursday, After eating breakfast, we head downtown for the Big Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade. We find parking one block from where we want to sit..Free...some were charging $4.00 to park in their lots, but there was plenty of space on the side streets. We find a spot on the curb to sit on the shade side of the street. It is getting Hot today..high in the 90's. I walk around because we have time before it starts. I take pictures around town of the cowboys, trucks, buildings,etc. I find a bootmaker and he shows me his finished product, a beautiful red,white boot..$1,800.00 Wow...He said it lasts a lifetime(I hope So!). Then another cowboy sells me a chance on a Winchester Rifle...What am I going to do with it..I never owned a gun. Oh well I just made a donation.

Now the parade begins... Lots of drawn wagons of the old west...antique cars..clowns..can can girls, firetrucks, Local & State government officals..even the Governor is here. The wagons were beautiful. Lots of horse riders all decked out in silver outfits. There was even an old car saying "Cheyenne or Bust!!" on the side, that was my favorite. There was a float with military wives and kids with big pictures and signs with tribute to their dads serving in Irag. No dry eyes here!! Thye parade lasts an hour and 15 minutes with no gaps..very well done as a tribute to Cheyenne Days!!

Back to camp for lunch and a quick nap...then off to the rodeo..we see cowboys in action know the classes of competition..bull riding, bucking horses,calf roping, barrel racing, etc. That was a fast 3 hours , the stands were full of spectators, we had the shady and windy side,cool but hot sun. We then walked around the midway and had Sirlion tips dinner, it was made at one of those out door bar-b-que pits. It was very filling,tips,potatoes,onions, fried mushrooms,green beans...mmm good!

Then we walked over past the Chuck Wagon Displays..Looks like a Tailgate party from long ago? These people sure get into the western theme with out door cooking and baking competition. We then stop at the indian reservation to look at some crafts,then back to camp.I think the Heat is getting to both of us...still 90* here. Tomorrow we leave for Jackson Hole and the Tetons...till then ..
See my Album on Cheyenne Days...its a lot of photos
God Bless ....AirstreamHobo and Carol

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