Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It is reported that we now have 898 Rigs here, the sign needs to be changed....

July1,Wednesday, Today is the Photo Contest, I sign up at 8 am with my 15 pictures to show. There are 113 photographers and almost 600 entries. Tough job for Judges, there are so many great pictures entered. I am glad I didn't have to judge them. At 1pm they open the hall for viewing and the winners are posted with Ribbons. Sorry to say none of mine had a ribbon, but thats OK!!! I saw alot of great shots from all the photographers, well maybe next time.

I also went to a Membership training seminar, here we shared Ideas on how to keep members and get new ones. I heard a lot of good ideas that I will try to get new members. Those of you out there that don't have an Airstream yet....What are YOU waiting for?? Look at the FUN I am having the past 3 weeks .... These people sure have a heart to Travel.....Join Us Today!!!

While I was viewing the pictures, Carol stopped in to donate Blood to the Red Cross here in the Hall. That took about an hour, she said it took longer to fill out paperwork/questionare than to give blood. At 3pm I could retrieve my pictures, so I went and took them down.

At 4:30 "Hunter" of the Famous Yahoo Airstream List (internet airstream forum) had a happy hour. About 25-30 people showed up with snacks and a good gift of Gab!! We talked for over an hour then Hunter brought out supper of Pasta,Sausage and Bake Beans...Great supper. Then she brought out a box of Cupcakes with little plastic rings on them, the women all love the little rings and modeled them for us....Beats Diamonds any day!! (wait till you see these pictures!!!)

At 7 pm I went to the Colleseum for the evening show put on by Canada Day , their group from Canada sang folk songs and told jokes..Hee Hee... After the show some headed over to the Hall for a Disc-Jockey of Music. Lots of Dancing going on now!!!

Oh, By the way..The temperature has dropped 30* here ...It is cold, I had to put blue jeans on & wear a jacket shirt. Last night it was 50* We sure slept good. During the day it is around 65-70* Really it feels good not to have a heat wave. But it is a windy day, the flags look great blowing in the wind.
ZZZZZZZZZZ... Time for Bed!!!
God Bless......AirstreamHobo & Carol

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