Monday, July 6, 2009

July5, Sunday, Do you know what it is like to have the electric turned off at 6am?? Well I do , as you see I wear a C-Pap machine for sleeping, it covers my nose and forces air into my nose. So when the electric went off...umph...umph...the mask was pulled off, so I could breathe!!!! Now thats an Alarm clock I hate! Before long the water and electric committee men were dismantling the whole support structure for the rally...cut all the water lines...roll up all electric cords, pickup all junction boxes & wires, then a U-Haul came around and picked up all the water PVC pipes.

I started to repack the van in an orderly fashion, look like a hurricane hit it the last 3 weeks. Rolled up all hoses and electric cord, crank up the feet,put away the porch carpet, load the bike...then Carol made me breakfast of ham bits/cheese and eggs...break is over shortly and back to clean up and load everything. Today we leave at noon for Baraboo to the Circus Museum.

We head for Devils Lake State Park. After 45-50 miles we arrive...ut-o?? The traffic into the park is long, I hope we get a spot? There are alot of camp spots open, the traffic was backed up because of day picnic families...The beach/lake front is full. We are assigned spot #49 with electric and nearby water. Only $22.00 a nite we are staying till thursday.Note: Our Acess Golden Pass for National Parks is good here for free admission, otherwise it could have been $35.00(year pass) extra charge. We find our nice sunny spot..plenty of room. WOW!! What a difference from the past 3 weeks. Airstreamers are Quiet but we park in the middle of tents..tent campers and numerous families sharing campsites. Kids everywhere, I remember those days...screamin'kids, playing kids, bikes,games,campfires,eating outside the camper,everyone chatting...I hear English and French around us. Everyone is having a Grand Time!!! Me Too!!

We have time to go into Baraboo to see the Circus Museum, I find it with ease. We check out the hours and rates. We decide since it is 4pm and they close at 6pm that we will come back tomorrow for a full day. We see many sights from the fence and check out the gift shop...I am in HEAVEN!!! Clowns everywhere in pictures and posters. This is going to be a great week ...Museum and Big Circus Wagon Parade next Sunday. I can hardly wait. We then drive downtown to see this cute little town,the town square is gorgess(?), I stop to take pictures of this small town,even a Ringling Theatre is remodeled to the old days...Beautiful! I find a key on the roadway and find the Police Dept to return it. I hope it finds it's owner ,it was marked "do not remake" and I found it in front of the bank...maybe a safe deposit box key? Well thats my Good Deed of the Day!! Back to camp for supper and relax....
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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