Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Flea Market

July 3, friday, today I had more classes on being Unit President, Some were enlightening others were boring. I did learn alot !!! At 1pm I got a hair cut right under the awning by Joanne...Now I feel better... cool hair do!!! Then off to a fulltimers seminar. They had a panel discussion of 6 people who are fulltimers to answer questions. Interesting for all, More people are doing fulltime in their airstreams today. It is cheaper than living in a real house/apt. but.. you have to learn to discard all yor Stuff!!!

Time to do that laundry bit again..ugh! Then supper on the grill. Tonight the new officers took their oath of office. They take office on July 5, day after the closing of the rally. It was nice to see them parade in and then have a recieving line after wards.

July 4, saturday, Happy 4th to all... This am at 8 am the doors opened to the flea market for all airstreamers...lots of bargains and (junk) but I did see lots of things leave the place.
I did find a slinky holder for my sewer hose when hooked-up at a campground. It holds the hose up and slope down to the fill hole. Also 2 shirts were my purchase today. Then back to the airstream for a noon picnic, Joanne O. got all the food and prepared it for our unit...Meatballs, potato salad, etc. off with a Klondike Bar, what a treat!!! Thanks Joanne!!

At 4pm the rally had a July 4th parade in the coliseum. Alot of units participated with the Bee look....See the pictures....

Tonight was the closing with a Jazz Music Show..Awesome music...Then the offical closing of the Rally!! Tomorrow this place will be a ghost town. We will be hanging around this week to see the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee on sunday, over 75 circus wagons will be on parade, I can't Wait!!!

This Rally has been a Blast, Our Unit had a good time VOLUNTEERING the past 3 weeks, we sure fun in between our'market, and of course eating out!! See you Down the Road!!! Comments Please
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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  1. I am so glad you had a great time. Keep up the great work and enjoy those circus wagons