Friday, July 24, 2009

The Air Force ThunderBirds

July 22, Wednesday, This am we catch a bus at the local mall as there is no cars allowed on the airport fields. The buses run very fast and there is hardly any waiting, we arrive within 10 minutes at the Air Show. We are stranded on the bus because the ThunderBirds are moving soon on the wanted to take pictures. They change their minds(security) and let us off, but must stay on the field before the security tent..we all said ...Yes Sir !!! and Thanks for letting us see off the bus!

The ThunderBirds then cross the runway in front of us and prepare for take off..WOW!! Awesome Power!! We then go thru security.. very quick .. the airport is filled with all kinds of Planes on Display and Flight show at noon. I am dissappointed though...the ThunderBird show is 3 miles away at the Local College(less houses we are told) But we see them form here and can easily see them in flight. Also we get to see them take off and land back here with much fanfare here. I am told later that we see a much better show here. There is so much on display here..Navy..Air Force..National Guard all have stands. There is custom motorcycle here & even a Big Monster Truck( Both by the Air Force). The food stands are plentiful and good prices too!! We had Papa Johns' pizza for lunch, with sodas. It is HOT here so we load up on sun screen and wear hats and drink plenty of water too!! Did I tell you this Air Show was all FREE??? Hey, don't blame me!! They did this because I am in town..Thanks Frontier Days Celebration for the Free Show!!

Noon time ...The Show begins with parachute jumps..smoke and flags..impressive!! Then the vintage planes and jets give us a show. I don't know all the makes, just know they are fine running planes!! The show lasts till 3:30 and we bus back to the mall within 30 minutes...see I told you it was fast... Culvers for afternnon supper then back to the airstream to relax..Retirement is hard on our old bodies. Tomorrow is a fullday too!! Stay tuned, we will fill you in then ...Fun..Fun...Fun.. is plannned!! Can't wait ...
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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