Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One night we stopped at the laundry in the campground.. Yes.. there are washers available. While waiting I talked to others in the room and met an interesting lady doing wash. She had many tubs of clothing to do. I ask if they were fulltimers? She said just over the winter because they were from Montana. They had a family of 12 kids but only 9 are with them now. Her stories were interesting and awesome in what they have done over the road. Here is their blog if you want to read about them...   They travel in a 42 foot toy hauler pulled by a Dodge Dually and she drives a 15 passenger van with kayaks on the roof. Full of adventure on the road. I started read their blog and scan their pictures This is the Best Home Schooling a child could get.. History.. Geography.. and many National Parks and states too... Read on !! I think you will enjoy this blog too.... God Bless Airstreamhobo & Mom

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