Friday, February 14, 2014

Give Kids the World

We have been busy all week. Sometimes we Volunteer at GKTW and also see the sights around the area. We are at Thousand Trails again after one week at Great Oaks RV Park. This park was convenient to the rear of GKTW, within 5 minutes we were there to help. Now we are 20 miles away.

       I did various jobs.. help with Dinner, deliver pizza, deliver Chicken dinners,  play “Obie” too, I even worked the Welcome Hut at the entrance. That was fun meeting families coming in and directing them to the registration building. I could see the excitement on their faces for the week ahead.

       We were also treated to a Valentine Pancake Luncheon for the Volunteers, we had lunch of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. There was a Villa open for our tour of the make over done last 2 weeks. Beautiful in every detail. Here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks..enjoy..

     God Bless... Airstreamhobo and Mom

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