Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Check out the name of ship?? and one laying on the top of it???
Cheap Shutters ............

Look at Brother Flying..someday we can too!

Old fishing pier/building ..

Feb 7, Monday..It's still raining..I don't think we are in Florida???? We decided to go over the bridges to Apalachicola,Fl to see the old waterfront docks. The sun is trying to come out. There are alot of closed up and old buildings that are sort of neat to see, but business are no longer operating. I did take a few pictures..Birds, Buildings, Antiques, Bouys, and just alot of artsy things. The town has a waterfront look to it, the old stores are now gift shops and lots of old boat items antiques for sale. After a few hours back to the Airstream.
Feb 8, Whats this?? The sun is's warming up? That figures , we are leaving this island today to head south We leave around 11 am and take a drive down Rt 19 thru Perry then onto Chiefland to Manatee Springs State Park. Beautiful park in the wild trees. First thing we see is 4 deer crossing the road at the Ranger Station. We check in and head for site 36..a pullthru..Leveled , then hook up to electric...what no electric..back to the office, they can't fix it. So we move to site #98..I checked out the electric first..Yeah it works. Now I set up the rest while Mom makes supper...I am tired after a day of driving and setting up twice.. There are 2 other Airstreamers in the park, I talked to one from Alabama, they are going to Sarasota Too....ZZZZZZZZ
God Bless..AistreamHobo & Carol

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