Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love those Florida Oranges!!!
Here is DJ"s out door kitchen/Pavilion

Deer just passin' thru!! 11 of them

One Cool Outdoor Living Pavilion..
February 9, 2011 AirstreamHobo Travels...Manatee Springs, Fl

Feb 9, Wednesday, What is that bright light coming thru the skylight and windows?? Wow, they call it the Sun, 2 days in a row. Today the temps were in the 70's. We walked out the boardwalk along the springs to the docks to see the Manatees, we saw lots of Buzzards in the trees. We also saw Mullet fish jumping out of the water, also a few turtles swimming about, they would come up for air then dive down to the bottom. They were covered with moss on their shells. People told us they saw 2 manatees earlier, we missed them.
Off to town for propane, glad I checked around, one wanted $5.90/gal, Ace Hardware was $3.90/gallon. a difference of $16.00 to fill a 30 pound bottle. Ace got my business. We also stopped for a bag of oranges, what a colorful stand.
We stopped along the way back for firewood...this was cool.. this guy had an outside patio/pavilion as his living room. It had a hammock for a bed, the inside wall was all kitchen cabinets with stove/sink/refrigerator. along the ceiling he had pots and pans hanging ready for use. A campfire ring with chairs around and 2 hanging chains for pots and grill. He said he cooked alot of oysters and other fish food. He had all kinds of signs/tools/pictures hanging from the rafters. He said he lives out here all year. Then off to his cabinet shop, tons of wood and tools everywhere. He also had a 1951 Airstream in the yard for sale($1,500) It was covered in green mold and the interior was in great need of bathroom and no floor in the rear just framework. The whole place was fenced in with 2 dogs(friendly) covering the whole compound. This looked like a place from Robinson Cruiso..I really enjoyed talking to DJ, he seemed like a character that just makes a living and has fun in life collecting odd things. He said he gets most of the things free from remoldeling jobs he does. He does like to fish and has 2 boats to use. Cool Guy..Got the firewoodI almost forgot to pay him, he coughed and said $$$ Please and I paid him, then back to camp.
When we arrived at the airstream, there were 11 small deer walking thru the campsites, they were tame and just walked on thru. Time for steaks (no not deer) on the grill..yum, yum, Another boring day in the life of the Airstreamers.
God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

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