Monday, February 7, 2011

Sand Dunes on St George Island
Looking over the bay...

Carol's favorite sign?

It's 5 o'clock some where!! Click on any of the pictures for full size...
February 7, 2011..AirstreamHobo Travels...St. George Island,Fl.

Here we are Monday am awaken by Rain again!! But the last few days were busy. We left my Cousin "Ginny" on friday am after a delightful thursday evening supper and catching up on news. The last time we saw her was when we at Perry Ga. in 2006.
By 8 am we are heading down the road to St. George Island. A beautiful place by the Gulf. The campground is 6 miles from town all by itself on the tip of the island east. We have water and electric hookups ($24/nite). We emptied the holding tanks before setting up camp. We are in a cozy spot of site #5 and can watch all incoming campers. We are surrounded by bushes for privacy. The camp is 2/3rds full and we see license plates from everywhere, New Mexico, Michigan,New York,Wisconsin,Maine,etc. We even saw 2 tents set up.Starting friday we are here 4 days till tues am. It is misty/cloudy all day friday &saturday..This is Florida?
Finally... Sunday(Feb 6) we see blue skies and puffy clouds. Mom and I go for a walk around the camp, it is nice and only 10 minute walk to the beach. We go over to the beach in town and walk and collect a few shells and I take pictures.
Today is Super Bowl Day!! We tried to set up the "Dish" but it doesn't work for anyone in camp. "Direct" does..I guess I will be switching soon!! After several attemps, we decided to go to town to a local "Sports Bar/Locals hangout" "Harry A's" to see the game. They put out a Free Buffet of Hot Dogs/Hamburgers/Chili/ Tacos/Melted Cheese & Stuffed Mushrooms. There are about 75 locals here enjoying the Super Bowl..they have TV's everywhere, one large screeen in the main dining room. Mom and I were in the side roomThe TV was right at our table. Our waiter was Tammi and a very good waitress. We ordered Cokes for drinks and thats all they charge us for. Of course I left her a "Big Tip" we watch the Packers & Steelers battle it out, I could tell we were in "Packer Territory" But us Steelers Fans yelled just as loud!! Great Game till the end..Yes the Packers won!! We were here from 6:30 till 10pm and had a great time. We even met a lady from Lancaster,Pa. ... Small world ain't it?
Back to camp. Here it is 9 am, monday and Raining & Thunder this time AGAIN!! I guess we will take lots of naps today. We are leaving here Tues am for the west coast down to Sarasota,Fl to the Airstream Florida State Rally. Mom and I are working registration, over 200 are expected.. I sure hope it warms up and sunny by next week!
More later in the week..God Bless AirstreamHobo and Carol

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