Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here we are in Sportsman Park, Radford, Va. for the night
Camped under the Rt 81 Highway..The Trucks buzz on by above us!!!
January 31, 2011..Florida Bound...AirstreamHobo Travels

Here we Go!! A storm is coming tuesday or Wednesday, so we decided to pack up sunday and monday am. Everything is packed? by 11:30 am, we hook up and leave at noon. We go 50 feet and get stuck in a snow plowed bank along the driveway. Rockin' back and forth we get free and head for the Penna. Turnpike east to Carlisle and head south on Rt 81 thru Pa, W.Va.,Maryland then Virginia. We are Rollin' & traffic is fair, we drive to Radford Va.(375miles)Tonight arriving at 7pm. Stay at Sportsman Rv Park along a river under the Rt 81 Bridge(quiet?) It is a Passport America Park, 50% off, $14.00/nite full hookups. Yes the furnace is ON!! Within the hour it is nice and toasty in our new Airstream, first day/nite in it, so nitey nite till tomorrow then off to Tenn. to some courtesy parking at an Airstream friends house in Chattannooga,Tn.
......God Bless..... AirstreamHobo and Carol

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  1. HA HA Obie i LOL when i read you got stuck when exiting your driveway! Hey you should get on facebook! Did i mention you should be on facebook. You could post the link to your blog posts everytime, and you would have many more people than you have in your email address book. You should be glad you are not in PA today! ICE ICE baby! schools closed for the second day in a row and everyone is going stir crazy!