Friday, February 25, 2011

This is "Fred's Garage" in the Florida Flywheelers 290 acre complex. Many old buildings in the village area. Just filled with old things we used as a kid. Very Cool! These guys loved to collect anything, it was here to see!
Here is an old Gulf Station as seen in the 50's, I loved the old original signs everywhere.

This was a musical truck from Dallastown,Pa. great to talk to him. This piece was priceless. We saw alot of vehicles here from long ago.
Feb 22,tues, Doug and I went to the Florida Flywheelers annual Meet in Fort Meade, Fl. This was a 290 acre field turned into a gathering place for old farm & tractor collectors to meet. There were at least 12 airstreams scattered all over that they camped in. Some never get towed again. One guy said he lives here once a year and then goes home. Tires were flat and cement blocks sunk into the ground permantley!!
There were 290 acres filled with anything old. I really like the village, garages,church,post office, tractor dealers,old shacks,truck display dealer and tractors galore. We walked all day from 10-4pm my legs say Go Home!! This was a photographers much art for the photos, I took over a few hundred shots and loved every item. I even met a man with a 3 ton hit & miss engine that had all kinds of running belts ending at an little old pencil I got a new sharp pencil as a gift..Billed as the worlds' largest pencil sharpener.
We saw groups of tractors(by models) together for show and bragging rights. This show opens wed with a parade each day and Thousands of people here. We went the perfect crowds and could see everything up close. They even rent golf carts here for $90/day and there were 100's of them for rent. They also have people movers, old tactor wagons with seats for rides. They say 50,000 show up each day for the weekend. Tired....back to the women at the airstream, another Great Day!!

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