Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Buzzards are glad to see me??
Happy Hour is for the Birds!!

It is cold here, we had to make a campfire tonight.

We arrived at Travelers Rest, Dade City,Fl. at 3pm.

Feb. 10, Thursday. Time to move on south...We packed up and had everything ready for hookup. First we wanted to see if the Manatees are in the river today. We walked out the long boardwalk thru the moss covered trees. Watching the black birds(?) fly overhead. We arrive at the end of the pier to flock of Buzzards on both sides of the rails, on the roof, down the steps to the dock, at least 50-75 of them. They are just waiting for food on the river.
Back to the camper, hookup & leave for Dade City. Following the highway south, I called 4 different state parks for a campsite?? Each time I met a "NO" sorry Full. One last call to Travelers Rest, they have 5 sites left and I am 50 miles away, first come first served, no reservations. The gas petal got more pressure to arrive quickly. We arrived at the park at 3pm, still 5 sites left. 120 miles today, 12 days on the road and 1,700 miles later we have arrived. We will stay here till sat am then off to Sarasota to help as a volunteer.
We got set up..full hookups, cable too and wi-fi. Beautiful park with over 600 spaces and golf course. After supper I went up to the social hall to play cards with the Central Penn Members that live here for the winter, great time and social time. ZZZZZZZ
God Bless ..AirstreamHobo & Carol

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  1. We just bought our airstream from someone at Travelers Rest. We are so happy with it! Now I'm trying to figure out where go!