Thursday, February 17, 2011

A View of the Rally....Sarasota,Fl.
Rows & Rows of Airstreams

Pack'm In!!
Feb 14, Mon..Today Mom & I are at the gate from 8-10am to register airstreamers. Relax the rest of the & greet old friends.
Feb 15,Tues, We have gate duty from 2-4pm, lots of airstreamers arrive. We process them then off to the parkers to park. There are over 321 rigs here. We ordered a new Fantasic Fan for the airstream. He will install it on wed at noon. He also will check out the rear fan to repair it.
Feb 16, Wed, after the fan is installed we head for South Venice beach. Lots of beautiful homes along the coast. We eat at Sharky's Cafe on the pier. Delicious chicken sandwich and fries. We then stayed for the sunset...BEAUTIFUL!!!
Feb 17, Thurs. We had the new antenna installed today. We also had a happy hour supper with Sanders, Sollenbergers, Olshefskis,Buchers, & Obers.

God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

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