Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here I am with Carol following the Jacobs & the Buchers headed for Lock Port NY. for the Region 2 Rally. We meet Jacobs & Buchers for a beautiful drive on Rt 15 north to New York. We stop at Campbell, NY for the night. We arrive around 2 pm and set up. Time for a late lunch, then a nap. We find out the pool is open and very inviting!!! Joan jumps in first and Lou & I follow a few minutes later. The water is Luke Warm/cold...Brrr Brr. but after a while it is refreshing, it is almost 90* here so the cool water feels good.
Later Carol and I head for Watkins Glen..26 miles away. I see many old barns ...awesome picture shots are needed , so I stop along the way and snap..snap... then into Watkins Glen for a short drive around town,down to the waterfront for Bird shots ...the sea gulls are friendly. Then a stop for Chicken at Mr. Chicken Great supper. Then the return trip ...more pictures of barns and others... We are leaving here at 8:30 am for the last leg of the trip tomorrow morning, only about 120 miles to the Region 2 Rally Field. About 125 Airstreamers are expected.
Till then...God Bless.... AirstreamHobo & Carol

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