Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st Annual Birthday Bash held in S. Plymouth, NY. on the Baker Farm
The Wagon Wheel is Set!!!

What a Beautiful sight from the Air...Pictures by Ace

This am started at 6:30, time to help with the breakfast crew. I was on the bacon crew,Deb Bebe made some to, then she made potatoes. Ace made eggs, Steve made pancakes, Frank did all the stations. I never saw a man so gung ho as Frank, he is a hard working man at all jobs in this Bash. People started coming at 7 am and continues till 9am.
Then we have a break till 10:45 am, when Ace rents a plane to fly over the field of airstreams. I suggest we have a human sign of "BASH" I get some help to layout rope/cords in the shape of "BASH" We decided to have everyone fill out the rope with the kids standing on the "H" , here comes Ace...smile look up!!! We wave and then breakup the name then gather in just a group. Then we disperse to our trailers for a plain field look. All the shots were "Fantasic" Ace landed a little while later with the biggest smile I ever saw..he kept saying what an awesome sight from the air. He went to town to get pictures printed,he got 3 different shots made up and sold them later for $3.00/each to recover the cost of plane and prints. Guess what ???? he sold out, he had to get more on sunday.

Then off to visit your neighbors, many are socializing all day. At 2 pm Doug Rowbottom gave a demo on dent pulling on an Airstream..wow..cool tool.
The happy hour started at 4-6 pm then off to a pot luck supper, do you know what 75 different dishes look like? All I know is we were stuffed. Back to the airstream, we are waiting for Antsy McCain to play at the fire pit. Great Airstream Folk Songs.

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