Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New friends are made everyday!!! Stanton Baker & Mason Ober
500 feet and no gas?? I finally Arrived!! Check out the tow vehicle

But Grandpa..How do I know when it is filled??? Look up Nicholas...(when the rain comes)

The Airstreamers Club ..Official T-Shirt!!!
June 23,2010... Here we are at the Birthday Bash, working hard as volunteers getting ready!!! We moved the tables and chairs to the tent area, the tent will arrive wed or thurs. The Iceman came with 500 bags of ice and a freezer. Ice for sale only $1.50/bag, gotta keep the drinks cold.
It rained on tuesday but everyone was parked for the day. A cool night to sleep ,now on wed it is 75-80* and airy too....Beautiful. The new kids made friends right away and are off swimming and playing games. We are even flying kites too..lost one too!! We are now filling the big tanks with water for the rest of the week.
Remember to arrive full of water and empty sewer tanks. There are about 20 rigs here now, Just a note...The guy that came only 500 feet ran out of gas pulling his trailer here??? I won't mention names but he lives on the farm!! Well I hope most of you are on the road by now heading for S. Plymouth NY. Drive safe and arrive Happy!!!
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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