Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here is AirstreamHobo Family...Obie..Carol..Addy..Mason
Sat,June 26,2010Then Open House started with hundreds town people coming to see all the Airstreams and to stay for the fireworks. Lots of curious onlookers, I think we may have some future Airstreamers. Then It got dark, there is no way to explain a small town fireworks..45 minutes long, many groups of multi-shots. Then the end was Spectacular !!!! I give it a 10 star rating ********** Then a campfire with Antsy again this started after 11 am and lasted well past midight!!! ZZZZZZ I can't stop thinking about what we did in just one day at the Bash!!

Sunday..Breakfast ...same full menu... Then swimming... I won 2 tickets to the Classic Car Museum in Norwich. So this afternoon I took Doug Rowbottom along to see the cars"Happy Birthday Doug" Later we sang to him at happy hour(yes we had them everyday ay 4-5pm).
At the sunday happy hour a woman came from the food bank, Rob introduced her and gave her lots of can goods and other food supplies enough to fill her car. He then shocked her by saying we also had a fundraiser by selling the 80th space at the Bash also some more donations adding up to a total of $1,260.00 in checks. She said this was a BIG HELP to their group..Thank-You..Thank-you is all she could say!!!
About half the airstreams pulled out today for home..work was their excuse??? So we had potluck supper again with those that were left, followed with home made cranked ice cream.
We are out of firewood, but we sit around in the dark and talk till late hours... The Moon was full this week Large Orange each night, we even saw the Satelite Space Station fly over each night. They are calling for rain tonight, so most of us tear down and packed everything tonight.
Monday,June 28,2010...one more time A Full Breakfast for those that are left. We then help tear down the chairs and tables for later pick-up. Bye...Bye..lots of hugs and vowed to return again next year!!! I pull out at 10am and arrive home at 4:30pm, the grand kids were glad to see Mom & Dad...so were we!!! Now I know why you have kids when you are young!!! I hope the memories that my grand kids have will stay with them forever or until they buy their own Airstream. This whole week was Planned by a crew of 4... Rob,Frank,John & Steve and was pulled off with volunteers also. What a Blast!! I can see this growing every year..so mark your calendars and sign up when you hear next years dates!!! Till the next Bash!!! http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/BirthdayBashKids
I have downloaded some pictures to my Album
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol & Grandkids...

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