Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorry, I was hungry again...Great Delmonico's.....
Cookin' them Steaks!!!

This was friday night Pot Luck Table...75 plus dishes..Yum..Yum!

Sat afternoon ,the rain came..but only for a few hours. Then it got hot....90*plus!!! Pool time for the kids. Tonights supper is Delmonico Steak,potatoes,ear of corn with melted butter in the cup/lid,The grills were going strong with volunteers laughing having a Great Time!!! They started a little early to keep up with the crowd. Everyone was fed in short order..Excellant Delmonico's!!! Then we gave out lots of door prizes,at least 50 of them. I don't want to miss the sponsors of the gifts, but I want to mention just one..A USA Flag was one of them that was flown over The Arizona Memorial from Hawaii, I thought that was just an awesome door prize.

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