Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Falls at Yellowstone!!

Aug 3,Monday, It's been a few days since I wrote here, but we been busy touring around the area. One day we went into Yellowstone and drove to Canyon Village. all of Yellowstone is set up about 14-16 miles apart from each highlight of the park.It is a beautiful drive to each area and we learn to stop certain places for pictures. The Canyon Area has the waterfalls to see and many turn outs to get closer. all the campgrounds have been marked full all week, this is a poplar place to camp. Only one,Fishing Bridge, has full hookups for $35.00/nite the rest are $18.00/nite with no hookups. Lots of generators are in use here.

Another day drive was to Mammoth Hot Springs with lots of thermal activity with lots of steam spouting off. Lots of colorful areas here. We did see plenty of buffalo in the park, once we were in a five mile backup. The Ranger urged everyone to keep moving..Tourists!!! Me Too!!

We did see a coyote in the woods come out to the highway, he sure looked sneaky walking around..ears up all the time listing for danger. The next backup was because of a Big Brown Bear across the river/stream with cars just stopping everywhere,me too but I did pull off the road to safety. We were there about 1/2 hour watching him walking thru the trees and come down to the water edge for a drink. But I think all the chatter on this bank scared him back further into the woods. I did get some good shots..naturally!!

We headed for the north entrance and thru the Stone Arch into Gardiner for a short look around. Back in the park we saw more antelope and then a herd of Elk at the Yellowstone Hotel just basking in the sun in the front yard,people were watching from their hotel windows.

Tonite after supper we take a dusk drive around the area that people recommended.So off we go past Quake Lake which an Earthquake struck here 50 years ago and a mountain side just slid down over a campground of 250 campers,killing 28 people and injuring 150 also. We saw the mountain and it looks like someone just sliced a layer of rock off the side. They never did find the 28 people. Then we continued down the route and thru Idaho for a few miles then back into Montanna. WOW what mountains and seeing cabins all by themselves with no neighbors. There was plenty of firewood piled up next to some. I guess they are the ones that stay all winter.

We even see a Mountain Man Display of Vendors displaying their crafts and tent city. We did but tickets to see 3 Imax movies this week at different times..Yellowstone...Alaska..And Bears, They were awesome to see on the Big Screen!!

There is so much to see and do in the park and west Yellowstone that it is hard to keep track of the daily tours. We have hit all entrances to the park except the East Entrance which we will go to when we leave on thursday to go to Cody,Wy. Here are the pictures so far!!http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/Yellowstone2#
God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

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