Sunday, August 9, 2009

View from the Top of Beartooth Highway Scenic Drive

Aug 8, Saturday, Off we go for a drive of a lifetime...We have the map in hand of loops to follow for scenic drives, We pick the Beartooth Highway..right choice!! About 15 miles from Cody, we hit the mountain we go!! Up..Up..surprises around each curve, more beautiful scenery, pictures don't copy what we are about to see.

We pulled off alot of scenic overlooks, even the big burly motorcycle riders said .."Wow..Gee..what do we tell the folks back home, how do you describe this awesome nature that abounds Us...Yes there is a God!!" Only he could make this wonder of the world. This was the quote that we heard all day as we followed the cyclists and other tourist also on this tour.

We arrived in Cooke City,Montana, here is a city that lost it's blacktop road this spring and have been dealing with a hard dirt road with a few bumps for 8 miles of constuction all the way to Yellowstone. I think it added to the mystery of a mountain town. We stopped in the historical general store for a look, there were old fashion counters, display cases, cash register, scales, and a display of old grocery items on the top shelf for display. Then we walked around the other buildings in town, it was a one block town on both sides with all dirt road in between. Then back on the road into,Silver Gate,then Yellowstone north east entrance, now we have been to all 4 sides of Yellowstone. After a short drive in Lamar Valley, we turn around to head for Beartooth Highway.

We hit the Beartooth and here we are amazed by the beautiful drive, Up..switchbacks..up..stopping everywhere to just gaze down into the valleys and to see the cloud cover moving in. We did drive above the clouds for a few miles, we hit rain...hail..sleet..then it began to snow( yes I said snow!! on August 8th, can you believe this?).We got up 10,000 feet in elevation among the snow banks along the road, stopping to walk on snow. I just had to make a snowball and fired one off to Carol..then the fight started...Brrr our hands are cold!

Then we started down the drive..stopping along the way, pulloffs are at every turn, a different view at each one. The cyclists pull in , they have ski masks ,gloves,all leathers on and they are frozen bodies shivering looking for warmth by stopping to rest up. We desended about 10 miles .switch backs all the time..20mph is top speed most of the time!! I didn't touch the gas pedal for 10 miles just coasted down. My pictures don't do the drive justice, you have to see it for yourself. We arrive back at camp at 7:30 pm , a total of 275 miles of all scenic drive. zzzzzzzzz

New pictures posted..
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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