Friday, August 28, 2009

Here we Go!! To Mackinac Island by Hydro-Jet Boat.....

August 27, Thursday, Today we drive over to the ferry crossing and used our free tickets for the crossing(We still don't believe the generosity of these Michigan People!!). The Ferry ride is on a Hydro-jet boat..what a fast trip..20 minutes and we arrive. Wow..what is that Smell??? Guess what ...The Horse liquid on the street is TERRIBLE!!! They do clean up the Road Apples but not the rest (YUCK !!!).

Main street is full of shops..mostly Fudge Shops..I heard 17 shops... Lots of specials on Fudge. We headed for the Horse Surrey guided tours of the island, we signed up for the tour and the ButterFly House too. We had the 1:45 tour, started with a downtown tour ...up to the Grand Hotel..passed it.. then pass the horse the ButterFly house...we spent about 45 minutes there. Then onto another tour thru the Mackinac State Park on the Island..Dave was our cool guy.. Next stop was the Stone Arch along the coast then back to the gift shop for a switch to the return surrey to down town. We passed the Grand Hotel, some got off for a look, we continued on. It was $10.00 admission to sit on the front porch of the Grand Hotel...I can sit under my awning for Free!!! The surrey tour lasted till 5pm,then we then headed for a pizza/salad buffet at the Murray Hotel on Main St. Then we walked around the shops and caught the 7pm ferry back to the mainland. Back to camp,Had a Great Day!!! ZZzzzz
Here is the Album..Mackinac
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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  1. Obie, I hope you realize how much I have enjoyed your blog. I feel as though I have gotten a second vacation that has lasted all summer long. You are living it up and I am VERY proud of you. Thank you, and keep it up. I want to share my new favorite quote with you....
    “There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.” Tennessee Williams