Thursday, August 13, 2009

Youth RV Park, Thermopolis,Wy.

Aug 11,Tuesday, To day we also made a historical stop. 20 years ago when I joined the airstream club, I read about a couple that traveled in their Airstream around the world. They were Oscar & Etta Payne from Thermopolis,WY. I knew I was going thru their town, so I stopped at a museum at the beginning of town to inquire. I met a nice lady,Donna, who looked up the info and told me where they used to live. I knew they owned a campground with Hot Mineral Water Spa on the grounds.

So off we went to the Youth RV Campground at the edge of town. I pulled in and was greeted by a host, Jim, He showed us around the camp and told us the Paynes had traveled 64 countries in their 15' airstream. He wishes he could do that!! When they were home they would soak everyday in the hot mineral water, would you believe Oscar lived to age of 103 and Etta live to almost 100..WOW!! I was hoping to see their old airstream but was told it is in Casper somewhere. I did touch the hot water( It was 103* in the first part then down to 92* in the third part of the pool..all natural heat.) and it felt inviting but we wanted to keep moving. The camp charges $33.00 a day for full hookups and the hot springs swimming is included. Jim did tell me that the whole place ..buildings is heated by the hot springs.

20 years ago I did write to Etta and she sent me a book, one of several she wrote about their trips around the world. I still have that book, I guess I will have to get it out and read it again. I did call Pee Wee Schamborn to tell him where I was, and I could tell in his voice he was delighted to hear that, he was the advance scout for that Caravan.He said they were very little people about 5' tall and were very adventuress for their age, Oscar was in his 70-80's when they did the Cape Town to Cairo Caravan then continued on the Around the World Caravan. Wow, to do that today would be fun, but so much red tape is required today. So any ways, I was part of a historical venture today by being in their campground and learning new info on the Paynes!!!
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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