Saturday, August 22, 2009

Snow Thermometer....39 feet???in one year!!!

August 21, Friday, We awake to a steady rain again, it is supposed to clear up this afternoon. We decided not to tear down in the rain, so we will stay one more day here at Ft.Wilkins. We end up going for a drive to Calumet for a look around. We arrive downtown and all the streets are paved in brick,quiant old historical town. We see the Fire House Museum is just opening by a volunteer "John" His grandfather & father were some of the early members here. There was a $2.00 admission charge here to see the old fire house and equipment, we toured the place then went upstairs to see more, This was a collection of neat old fire stuff, If they had more $$$ they could display it in a nicer display cabinets etc. John said they are very short on $$$, some months they have a hard time paying the electric bill. We also bought a soda out of the machine for $1.00 John said wow!! I made $5.00 so far today more than all week was sad to see the place in such a need of finances!! We then drove around town to see more old buildings, some were pretty cool others were abandon and boarded up with no future in sight.

We then went out to McLain Park to see if they were full and look at the sites for camping. This place is right on the Lake Superior Water front sites. We will come here tomorrow!!! We pass a Therometer of snow fall from previous years, one year it snowed 390'' here, Thats alot!!! We drove about a 100 miles today then back to camp for a pizza supper.

At 7:30pm we left for Brockway Mountain top again because the sky did clear up and I think we will see a sunset tonite. We drive up the mountain to the top..WOW...The view is forever!!! We can see mountains on one side and Lake Superior on the other...Beautiful sight to see the lake run off into the horizon. The sun is up in the upper clouds hiding, We wait for an hour to see it come down into the opening, so do many other cars arrive. Must be a popular spot for everyone. About 8:30 the sun peeks thru the bottom of a cloud then into the opening before the horizon, just a big Ball of Orange I got a few shots. Then we drive down the otherside toward Eagle Harbor, the sky is still red along the waterfront, I try some more pictures but no success of good shots here, too late I guess. Back to camp..zzzzzzz

August 22,Saturday, we tear down at 8 am to head for McLain which is 40 miles away. Arriving at 9 am there is a good site available in the 2nd row. Our trailer's rear faces the lake, so we have a wind buffer from the lake. The sun is shinning brightly today & we have a great site for the next 3 nights. I hope to get some good sunset shots here too!!
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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