Monday, August 17, 2009

Some of the old Barns along Rt 20

August 14, Friday, I can't believe it is friday already? We hang out this am taking our time to eat and tear down the camp, it is so easy here unplug elec, then unhook water hose..Done!! we leave here about 11 am for Iowa, We have to take a detour to get around Rt 20 to the east. It is about 34 miles out around. You have to remember that these states don't have alot of back roads. Most roads are anywhere from 6-7 miles between intersections so when you drive around the square detour you do drive 21-28 miles out into the country. That is why these Ranches are so big as to being chopped up in little plots. Boths sides of the highway, corn fields are growing as far as you can see...thousands of acres of corn. There are also water giants spreading water over the corn to help it grow.

I look out my window to the rear and see that my stone guard has let loose on one of the screws...stop to make a rivet repair in 15 minutes and off we go again. Thanks goodness for rivets and duck tape, I do know how to use those tools..not much else though.

In about 50 miles down Rt 20 we enter Iowa..still on Rt 20 however the little towns are now off the 4-lane highway, more people I guess. I am seeing more traffic now, so now I have to be on guard for the other guy. I am still stopping and getting some pretty good shots tho!!! We pull into Webster City, Iowa and find the city it is $12.00/electric hook-up ...Looks nice, several trailers are here, creek on one side and a R/R on the other. Everyone is on the creekside and I am on the R/R side of the park. Well here comes a train as I type..bells/crossing ringing...AIR HORN Blaring!!!! WOW..My Ears hurt!! A truck just crossed the tracks a few feet in front of the train, the engineer laid on the HORN for a long time... It doesn't matter which side of the park you camped on is LOUD!!! Well I hope I sleep soundly tonite! I am tired and covered 267 miles today, we should be in Wisconsin tomorrow, I hope to drive along the Mississippi River towns, but we'll see...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
God Bless....AirstreamHobo & Carol

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