Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunset at Copper Harbor ..............

Aug 18, Tuesday, Rise and shine off we go to the northern tip of the Upper Penisula of Copper Harbor,Michigan. We travel along some pretty highway scenery thru alot of trees that are over hang the highway. we arrive in Copper Harbor State Park and pick a site..#169. We decide to stay 6 nights here to see all the area. $23.00/electric per nite & we have to buy a season stamp of $29.00 for a pass to all Michigan state parks. We get a nice site next to the showers and plenty of shade. It is cold here because of the lakes and the wind passing over them into the area. It is the first time I wear a sweatshirt this summer. But it does feel good to have the breeze blowin'.

We take a drive along Rt 26 all along Lake Superior stopping to see the overlooks and pull offs. Beautiful sites as always and picture time. We even pass a sign telling us to watch out for blowing sand across the highway. We drive to Eagle Harbor and then to Eagle River enjoying the drive all the way then return on Highway 41 back to camp. We see the sunset along the way back.

August 19,Wednesday, We tour the local fort..Fort Wilkins Historic Park..This is a collection of buildings, redone to the 1800's the way they were during the time they were designed to keep peace in Michigan copper country. The town of Copper Harbor is a neat little village of craft shops, little cottage cabins everywhere, a general store, and a waterfront of resturants and boat docks for cruises from here. Tonite we made a campfire to relax around and to pass the time.ZZzzzzzzzzz

Aug 20,Thursday, Also the 74th day on the road, would you believe this is the first bad weather day since we left home!!!! It is Raining and low fog clouds all around us, it is a slow drizzle all day. We can't see more than a mile. We drove up Brockway mountain road to the top of the mountain. It was a no show at all the turn-offs for a look down the mountain across Lake Superior. Maybe later this week we can come back. We ate supper in Copper Harbor at a small resturant. There was a humming bird out side the window drinking from the water feeder. It is still drizzling and back to camp for a night of dvd's movies of "Mash" and "Roy Rodgers" Tomorrow, we will packup and move 40 miles to McLain State Park to see the sights around there. ZZZZZZZZZZ God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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