Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aug 13, Thursday, today we only moved about 35 miles(because of a detour actually only 15 miles) We are in Plainview, NB. and are camped in another city park..Free!! water/electric hookups too!!
We are across the street from"KlownDoll Museum" Largest in the world!! Over 4,000 Clowns on display...wanna see all the pictures??..grin..This museum has all kinds of clown figurines and pictures on display..all were donated by clown lovers...They have never bought anyones collection but have recieved donations from all over the world. Mary was our guide and took about an hour to point out the special ones to us. She sure knows her clowns.
I spotted a collection of 3 paintings for Sale and ask how much? Now "Obie" has 3 awesome clown paintings in his posession...Yeah!! I went to clown college and had this person as my teacher at one of the seminars, he has since passed on, so I knew I had to have these paintings.They are also autographed by him and the artist. Did you see the SMILE on my Face??????
We are parked across the street, so I did return this afternoon to pickup the paintings and take some pictures....I won't bore you with them all ,so the ones above will be enough!! Do you realize since I left home I have seen the Circus museum, a Circus Parade, now this a Klown Doll museum Too!! What a fun Day!! Tomorrow we will leave early and continue along Rt 20 into Iowa...follow along....
God Bless ...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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