Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is Rt 20 across America in Nebraska..lots of little Towns to pass thru!!

Aug 11,Tuesday, Up and going... we stop to wash the rigs as they have alot of dust on them and time to clean them!!! They travel faster and better mileage when clean??? We follow the highway 120 out of town toward Nebraska, we decided to go south and catch RT 20 to follow all across the states to Wisconsin.

We go thru the Wind River Canyon..high rock walls on both sides of us. at dinner we pull over at a pull off.. there is a Yellow Train with a Back/hoe on the low bucket cars on the top rails, he is scooping stones out of the cars and dumping them along the tracks for filler. we make lunch and watch him work and move along the cars emptying each car as he goes. Entertainment while we!! Then off we go again...into Nebraska finally..around 4-5 pm and stop at Fort Roberts State Park, They have campground there, we pick a site and make supper and relax. I don't even unhook tonight, we want to leave early again tomorrow. 350 miles today..

Aug 12,Wednesday, we check out the Fort Roberts before we leave then we follow Rt 20 east. just a 2 lane highwaybut the speed limit is 65 all the way with reduced speeds at each little town. Alot of towns have dwindled down in size and alot of abandon buildings are present. We stop for fuel and lunch, in the diner there are hard working cowpokes taking a break. You can tell they work outside and hard Too!! They are very polite and friendly too. There are poloroid pictures on the wall, I ask..she said this wall is motorcyclists...What No Clowns?? She said they are all clowns, so I give her a "Obie" card and she tapes it to the wall next to front door...Look for it if you stop in!! Sands Cafe is the Diner, Merriman,Nebraska.

There is a book on the table with mile markers all along Rt 20 and it explains what to see. I ask for one and she said they are free. It is nice to read short essays about each town, some have 39 residents some have more or less. But each highway town sign has the population on them. We stop and drive around each little village and return to the highway again. It is a shame for some of these towns that used to have such buildings,but now are in disrepair.

We arrive in Randolph,Nebraska, they have a town park for tourists to camp in the night...did I say FREE!!! You get water/electric too...but you may leave a donation too...what a nice gesture for these towns...yes... each town does this...5-10 spots Free!! Just Donation. Think of the business they bring in from campers. I already spent $60.00 on fuel and plan to get a few groceries tomorrow...NO Wal-Marts Here!! Just Mom & Pop Stores the Back Bone of America!! Sometimes we get caught up the fast life we forget what did build these small towns years some are falling apart. There are 3 motorhomes and 2 trailers here tonight. A late supper under the Beautiful Sunset!! 370 miles today...Then zzzzzzzzzz
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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