Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 16, Sunday, We leave Pikes Peak Camp and headed up the Mississippi River. The first town we hit is Marquette,Iowa, They have a Showboat Casino with a buffet for sunday brunch. I stopped to take pictures of the Showboat, but found out they don't run the river anymore and it is stationary along the river. Carol and I went in for brunch, they had 3 buffet bars full of breakfast,dinner, and salad bar. We filled up fast,every thing was delicious. We then went over to the showboat, lots of people spending $$$$$ I lost $2.00 that was enough.. We went up to the top deck to look around and left shortly.

We went into Marquette and walk around the stores down town, there was also a R/R Station there too!! My buddy Dick Marquette loves trains!!! So I took a few pictures for him, I will send them later. Just imagine ..."Marquette Train Station" I know he would have loved this town!!

Then we crossed the Mississippi River into Wisconsin and followed the river north. We did see trailers placed on cement blocks WAY UP in the air, to be above flood waters. It sure looked Funny to see them so high above ground(grin). We then headed for Michigan across the state. We saw a park for camping later in the day at PinePoint County Park, we pulled in and it was 1/2 empty or 1/2 full. We found a site along the lake, the sunset was happening, so I hooked up the electric and skooted down to the lakefront for some shots of the Awesome!!! Then back to the airstream for supper,that Carol made for us, it is almost 9pm by now ..over 200 miles today. ZZZZZZZZZZ

The next morning Monday, August 17, I hear Carol up at 7 am and I look out the window at the lake and it is covered with a ground/water fog...time for pictures!!! Quickly I arose and grab the camera and headed for the lake front...Yes I did get dressed!!! the morning is the best time to take soft color pictures... wow great view. We then eat breakfast then leave by 9 am for Michigan.

First we stop at Wal-Mart to restock the airstream. We follow Rt 8 east..then Rt51 north to Ironwood into Michigan following Rt28 east. We turn at Bruce Crossing onto Rt 26 and see a town park on the right with some campers in there. We decided to stop early for the night, donation of $10.00/nite honor system with a lock box at registration. We have water/electric. Carol makes supper of Chicken/potatoes...yum..yum.. we eat outside and later watch the sunset..romantic ain't we??? Another 230 mile day ..Thats enough!! ZZZZZZZZZ
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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